Of The Town was started with a simple goal. To create items that make your life more enjoyable, happy, and to help you be uniquely you.

You will find a wide selection of home goods here, starting with our many beautiful laser cut items. Our incredibly popular poop emoji coasters are super practical, super funny and make a delightful gift for your friends and family. The wifi password signs are life savers and add a touch of cute to any room of your house. 

Along with more laser cut coasters and signs you will find a variety of other handmade items. Macrame wall hangings, bold and simple wall art, a small collection of print notebooks and more round out our collection of handmade items. 

Along with these beautiful handmade items, you will see vintage pieces pop into the store from time to time. Each one is carefully selected to match our eclectic aesthetic while giving you an even more diverse selection of beautiful and truly unique items for your home. 



Holiyay Market — December 6-8, 2019

Shaw Centre — Ottawa, ON